Successful collection of delinquent accounts without debtor alienation and negative reaction requires an intelligent approach and posture. Our Clients are naturally concerned with the manner and promptness of recoveries as well as the actual amounts recovered from bad debt.

HTC Collection Services, LLC, through effective procedures and attention to detail, is able to efficiently and successfully yield excellent results within these guidelines. Tact, poise, understanding and knowledge based on experience form the cornerstone of our corporate focus - a constant drive for excellence in our committed field.

Intelligent Effort

There is no secret to our collection success. Our success lies in intelligent effort, commitment and the desire to succeed.

Of primary importance is intelligent effort. Many uncollectible or slow pay accounts are eventually written-off because of an unclear picture of the debtor’s current position and lack of time or personnel to properly follow-up on the account.

We make every effort to establish contact with all of your delinquent accounts, quickly assess attitudes, position and the likelihood of prompt resolution.

Fact-based Strategy

Our emphasis is problem resolution: we take the position that the cause for any delinquent receivable is a problem, either real (current cash position) or perceived (dissatisfaction with service, etc,.). Our efforts are aimed at correctly identifying the problem, determining the debtor’s attitude, and then developing an efficient method of collecting the account based on this information.

We stress the individual handling of accounts. Each account is worked thoroughly and decisions are made based upon our experience with each account. The example is the manner of payment arrangements; what is appropriate for one individual may be impractical for another.

Effective Communication

Communication is as vital to our service as recovery.

To facilitate efficient planning you should know that your projections are on your accounts. At the same time, it is imperative for us to be in touch with you, your situation and your changing needs to maximize the value of our services to you. We maintain a regular review with you at your convenience.

We are totally committed to be the best agent our Clients ever use. Thank you and we look forward to representing you. We invite you to experience the unique role Hill Top Collections can play in your financial well-being.