Communications between our offices are extremely important, and prove to be an essential element to our overall service delivery.

One of the outstanding benefits of utilizing HTC Collection Services as your agent is the fact that we can customize our communications with your office according to your preference. This includes daily phone contact with our Operations Manager, or inquiries and general communications can be in writing from our office, or the phone calls can be made once a week on Fridays. This flexibility of communication style allows you to manage the communication channels from our office to your staff members.

How to:

1. List New Businesses:

We have found the best and most expeditious method of listing new business is by providing us with copies of statements, invoices and/or ledger reports. Providing the debtor identification and location are listed on the forms, we can set up the account and begin proceedings with no extra effort on your part. You may also utilize our claim listing forms.

2. Get a Status Report:

Simply call or write our office. Normally we will provide you with status reports on all your accounts upon request as part of our collection effort. At any time you request, an oral and/or written status report will be sent to you immediately.

3. Start Immediate Actions:

You may discover some of your accounts warrant immediate action. By calling the appropriate information into our office, we can start immediate actions that same hour. Naturally, we would expect any supporting documentation that will assist the collection effort would follow by mail. You may submit accounts directly to our telefax at 212-564-4322.

4. Report a Direct Payment:

Please call them in to our office as received. It is not uncommon for many debtors to pay you directly after our initial contact and demand. Where the account is paid is not as important as the fact that it is paid; but to avoid any undue alienation and to assure the integrity of our information, we request direct payments be phoned in to our office at 212-564-2322 as they are received. Your staff will be provided with direct payment report slips to complete the audit trail.