Upon receipt of accounts assigned by you for collection, we will follow these procedures to insure a smooth and orderly relationship between all parties:

The Ten Important Steps

1. An account confirmation will be sent to your office upon receipt of each and all accounts assigned for collection.

2. We shall begin collection efforts promptly, normally within 24 hours of receipt.

3. We shall remit a monthly statement and net check to your office by the fifteenth day of the month following the month of activity, representing the amount of money collected during the period, less commissions.

4. We shall furnish you, upon request, an inventory summarizing the current balance and status of all currently active accounts assigned to us.

5. All protested cases will be referred to your office for review, and all correspondence will accompany these referrals.

6. Where individuals remain unresponsive to our request for voluntary resolution of the account, we will forward the account to one of our law firms for demands, opinions and recommendations. Your office is advised in writing ten days prior to any referral to allow you to stop the action if you so desire. Legal rates apply to any collection after that date. No law suit will be initiated without your prior written consent.

7. Our customer service representatives and our management staff will be available to you to review progress and help resolve any problems which may arise.

8. We will abide by all parameters set forth by you governing the handling of your accounts.

9. You and your staff are extended an open invitation to visit our office and review the progress on your account at any time.

10. HTC Collection Services will work with any personnel designated by you to assure a smooth and orderly rapport, communication and dissemination of information.


Schedule of Objectives

In order to accomplish the main objective, i.e., the recovery of outstanding receivables, Hill Top Collections will utilize the following collection procedures:

1. Prompt telephone and mail contact for the purpose of accomplishing the following:

  • Assess problem, if any
  • Evaluate debtor’s ability and willingness to pay
  • Procure full payment if possible and appropriate.
  • Establish a reasonable payment plan in accordance with the debtor’s ability to pay.
  • Define and secure the settlement of accounts. Such a settlement would be presented to your office for acceptance and supported by all relevant information.
  • Where debtors are uncooperative, we will prepare the account for a lawsuit to protect your interests.

2. Where protests and disputes exist, collect the undisputed portion and secure and submit all relevant information to you for review.

3. Follow up “broken promises” and arrangements not kept by debtors.

4. We will monitor each account and make certain each is worked professionally. Decisions will be made on an individual basis.