The following reports are automatically generated by activity during any month:

Account Confirmation Report:

Each time accounts are placed we will generate an account confirmation in alphabetical sequence listing the debtor’s name, your account number, a brief description of the debt and the principal amount placed for collection.

Client Monthly Remittance/Invoice:

This report shows each payment made during the period, whether paid directly to you or through our office, the remaining principal balance on each account as well as the appropriate remittance information.

Return Accounts Report:

When we determine an account to be uncollectible, we will notify your office of this report listing the company, your account number, the original and current principal balance on the account and the reason we believe this account is uncollectible.

These systematic management reports are also available upon request:

Client-Debtor Status Report:

This report lists all accounts currently in your Client fund. Included here are the dates of referral and last payment, the original and current principal balance on the account and a brief status code representing the current status at time of printing.

Client Analysis - Detail:

This report lists collection activity as it relates to month of placement. With this report you can track our results on each month’s placements for twelve consecutive months of detail. An optional report gives sixty months of detail. After the detail, figures are reported in current 12-month totals, calendar-year totals, and total-fund grand totals.